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Happy Marriage Digital Download Printable Wall Art Poster | 12 Downloadable Quote Print Files | HM12DD1

Happy Marriage Digital Download Printable Wall Art Poster | 12 Downloadable Quote Print Files | HM12DD1

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These are probably the most difficult 6 words for a spouse to say: You’re right. I’m wrong. As usual. But trust me, based on my 44-year marriage, saying these words in the middle of a heated discussion (argument) is the easiest way to end the disagreement. This digital download printable wall art poster is an ideal addition to any wall in your home which will remind you that most arguments are petty and your relationship is worth more than a battle of who is right and who is wrong.  


Digital Download – 1 zip folder with 12 files: - ID HM12DD1
- 4 PNG (S, M, L, XL)
- 4 PDF (S, M, L, XL)
- 4 JPG (S, M, L, XL) 

Design Size:
- 8.5” x 11” (Small)
- 12” x 18” (Medium)
- 20” x 30” (Large)
- 24” x 36” (Extra Large)


All files are available immediately after purchase.

 Enjoy your purchased design at home, your workplace or give it away as a gift. Our Seed Idea Digital Download Designs are copyright protected and for your personal use only and may not be file-shared, sold or used commercially.

 For digital download newbies:

  • This is what is included with your purchase: Four sizes of the print selected in three file formats (JPG, PNG and PDF). Of the three, we highly recommend you print from the PDF file as it has the best resolution.This is what is NOT included in your purchase: physical products such as the printed design or a frame. Both of these are pictured for illustration only.

  • Here are your Printing Options:
    1. Self-Printing: You can print our design directly from your computer to your printer. Online or Local Print/ Copy Center: You can upload our design to photo printers online such as Snapfish or Shutterfly. Or you can have it printed at your local Staples, CVS or copy center. Seed Idea Wall Art Print: This might be your best quality option. We have assembled a network of printers that offer museum quality paper and use top-tier pigmented archival inks. You can purchase this design “Wall Art” print instead of having to do it yourself.
  1. If you decide to go the “print it yourself” route, there could be a slight color variation from what you see on your computer screen and the printed design. This could be caused by your home printer as the shades may vary due to the inks and/or paper used. 

Any questions, please contact us.

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