Are ceramic mugs made of natural material?
Yes. As a mater of fact, ceramic is one of the oldest man-made materials. Its natural raw ingredients are kaolin, clay, feldspar and quartz sand.

Will the designs fade with use?
The short answer: no. They are both dishwasher and microwave safe. The technical answer is that all of our mugs are ORCA coated which has been specifically developed for the thermal transfer process. This coating provides for vibrant colors and high resolution.

What happens after I place my order for a mug?
Immediately after your order is received, it is automatically emailed to our printing partner for processing, printing and packing for shipping. This process takes between 3 to 5 days. It is then shipped to you. Depending on where you live the estimated shipping time is between 2 to 10 days with the average being between 5 and 6 days. An email containing a tracking information link will be sent to you as soon as your order ships.

What happens if my mug is damaged during the shipping process?
Because of the sturdy, polystyrene clamshell shipping pack, it is unlikely that the snugly packed mug will be able to move during the process of traveling from our printing partner’s facility to your home. Should this occur, please contact us immediately seedideadesigns@gmail.com  and we will begin the process of replacing your mug. A photo of the broken mug should immediately be emailed to us as we have to forward this to our printer to expediate the process. (A statistic which was given to us is that 99.7% of all shipments arrive at the destination in the same perfect condition as it left their facility.)

My mug arrived in great condition but I changed my mind. Can I return it?
If you have any question about any of our mug products, we are here to assist you and want to address any concern you may have before you purchase the item:  seedideadesigns@gmail.com.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on mugs. Our reason for this policy is one of hygiene: we will never resell a returned mug.  

Wouldn’t warehousing your mugs cut down on the delivery time?
Absolutely. However, this would limit the number of designs we could offer to you as we would have to bulk order only ten or fifteen designs and then store them until the orders come in. By our printing for each order as it comes in, we can offer hundreds of designs with new ones added weekly providing you with a vast array of new designs.

Can I earn money referring others to It’s An AJA Design store?
Yes. We are developing an affiliate program where you can provide a discount code to your social media friends and followers. They will save money when they make a purchase from our store and you will make money each time they make a future purchase as well. Details will be available soon. If you would like to be one of the first to get information, send us a quick email: seedideadesigns@gmail.com with “Affiliate” in the subject line.