A Peek Behind The Design: JAZZY Coffee Mug

A Peek Behind The Design: JAZZY Coffee Mug

This “Peek Behind The Design features our addition to our mood mug collection: the JAZZY mug.

When we thought of the word jazzy the first words that came into our minds were something bright, something colorful, something fun. We then looked at the root of the word jazzy and obviously the word jazz popped out at us. When you think of jazz, you think of the revelry, the excitement of New Orleans. And, when you think of jazz you also think of the saxophone.

Looking at the word jazzy, we saw that the Z clearly resembled a saxophone. With the saxophone epitomizing jazz, we felt we could do something to highlight the Z in the center of the word.

The first thing we did was create a schematic of the word jazzy. Then we started to change the colors of the font. Our initial designs had each letter a different color, a bright and bold different color. That was a great idea if we were creating a carnival mug but not for a JAZZY mug.

We needed splashes of color rather than a single color for the entire letter.

With so many different splashes of color that could be used, why not let the splashes of color become the letters? We tried that and it worked.

It still wasn’t right. There had to be something more, a subtlety that we overlooked.

Rather than having the middle “Z” just evenly spaced in the center of the word, we angled the top backwards to resemble how a saxophone’s mouthpiece enters the mouth.

That worked: our JAZZY mug was born.

Imagine the JAZZY people in your life who are bright, colorful and fun-loving. Our JAZZY mood mug makes for an ideal gift for them…and you.

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